Learning Longevity and Living Nutrition From Other Cultures Around the World


in this newsletter, viktoras kulvinskas shares what we can study durability and living vitamins from other cultures around the sector. viktoras kulvininskas refers to himself as a “lithuanian raw mystic.” he is an author and researcher interested in existence foods and living nutrients.

kevin: what does it take to extend the lifestyles span?

viktoras: the paintings has been performed, it’s very exciting enough. to start with, the potential of lifestyles extension turned into virtually marked out with the aid of dr. alexis carrel, a nobel prize recipient. he is written many books on man’s higher cognizance. inside the e-book, he refers to his traditional enjoy with chook coronary heart tissues. inside the experiments, nutrition essay he changed into able to put off waste on a everyday basis and offer superior vitamins for the tissues, most useful nutrition. twenty 5 years later, the chook’s heart tissues had been nevertheless alive and going and reproducing. they’d allowed it to develop to a complete capacity where it filled up the room in phrases of tissue development in order that indicates the possibilities of tissue improvement are with no end in sight if the there is detoxing an top-rated nutrient availability.

the cutting-edge studies within the sturdiness subject basically states that we’re capable of approximately 80 to 100 cell reproductions. this is in reality what it’s miles with most efficient nutrition this is propagated by way of our traditionally orientated research network. however as soon as you upload a further nutrient, greater nutrition e, c, all of a unexpected it starts going as much as a 150, and 2 hundred. so essentially the query is, is there such an most appropriate optimization, sure, and mostly the paintings was achieved with dr. julian huxley, who became a very noted biologist on the university of chicago, and dr. chihal who became a noble prize recipient, they work with basically worms. in a feel we’re a kind of a trojan horse, gastrointestinal, that’s what the trojan horse is with skinning properly we were given a touch you realize extrusions like hands and ft, basic it is sort of similar in nature. the key matters was letting the worms devour what is natural for the worms, specifically going to high great dust with all sort of organic matter in there, after which fasting them periodically. that became the whole thing, fasting and top-quality vitamins. so they discovered 17 generations later that the ones that have been fasted were nevertheless young and critical.

the research which can be published in durability all emphasize that with the aid of lowering the caloric content material by way of 60 percentage and the protein intake by means of 60 percentage you will create three-400% increase in sturdiness. a conventional take a look at of human problem is the situation had been in case you had been to study, to start with searching at example of raw foodism, specifically the eskimos, although it become now not vegan oriented, it was truely animal oriented, however they ate the whole thing in the raw, and that is what they basically manner eskimo. eskimo the phrase manner one who eats uncooked. as long as they ate raw their civilization had no medical doctors, no medicine guy, there has been no disease, no colds even, so long as they remained enzymatically lively. then civilization came in, pioneers came in, missionaries and that they taught them the way of the range. well folks who adapted to it within one technology the toughness went from ninety to round 45, and most cancers, coronary heart illnesses, rheumatism, advanced as being the killing forces. in any other case they died in their 90s due to acidification and over exposure to the herbal surroundings. however they lived right into their 90s with their complete lock of hair, with their tooth and the whole lot else like that and by no means being unwell and being very mystical.

now developing up to little more humane environment is the situation of the observe which turned into posted, all this changed into essentially summarized greatly, the eskimo, in my e-book with dr. howell referred to as “enzymes the fountain of existence,” pretty a brilliant deal of research wherein all this information came from. then the next is in january of 1973 countrywide geographic positioned out day trip teams to three locations which have been stated for excessive durability, to our requirements of people, lots of them a one hundred twenty, 150, riding horses, and properly attested information of their delivery, ok? so they delivered in nutritionists and doctors to take a look at them. they determined interesting enough their protein intake changed into around 32-35 grams in keeping with day, which may be very low, in the united states of america we are greater like 2 hundred grams of protein on a every day foundation, and heat handled protein. the studies that were completed with the aid of dr. sumner of the institute of traumatology indicates there’s an inverse dating among longevity and heat-dealt with protein consumption, the greater you eat the shorter you live. so essentially their work showed a low protein and occasional calorie, round 1500 calories and low fats, about one fifth of what’s ate up in united states and technologically advanced international locations, and that they were very suit, agricultural people, they’d their stairmaster which changed into everyday they have been pressured to climb mountains within the maximum pure air, they drank the water, they ran out of meals usually enduring the cease of the iciness and the beginning of spring. so what did they do? they fasted. so that they were compelled in a yearly cyclic sample. however you test the image essays in their kids, that they had triple chins, they had been now trading their hunza apricots for twinkies with the travelers. they were no longer going to live like their grandparents who had been very vital.

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